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Prismatic sheeting cost pennies per foot and yet is up to 8X more reflective than the old glass-bead technology.


Roll-out trays and inside doors

Exploit conspicuity grade tape to its maximum by adding it everywhere that could give motorists or even pedestrians a visual warning. This includes roll out trays and inside door reflective decals.

Custom made striping in 1½ wide sections can indicate your department name, a manufacturer or even have the chevron pattern, as per your specifications. Always in conspicuity grade strips.


Front Bumpers

Front bumpers are the first part of the truck to be seen by a motorist crossing the intersection. Even before your flashing lights! Add chevrons!

Bumper chevrons can be pre-fabricated and pre-printed for ease of installation.


Lateral striping

If you are refurbishing a truck, do all the lateral striping and unit and vehicle ID in prismatic!

When you order your new apparatus, specify “prismatic” for lateral striping. The up-charge should be pennies per foot, but the advantages will last the life of your truck.

If you don’t want to do anything radical on your present apparatus, just add a one inch stripe of “all white” conspicuity tape (or all red, or all yellow or all fluorescent lime) parallel to your existing stripes. You will gain hundreds of feet in driver advanced warning. And anything you call a “blocker” will be seen!!!

3M or Reflexite in various widths. Custom widths available.

One inch width conspicuity tape makes all the difference for enhanced protection.

Choose from any width of the following choices of conspicuity tape:


White CHEK.R.POINTS on your water discharge sections

Many departments don’t do this area when adding CHEK.R.POINTS because the angular sections break up the chevron pattern. Use all white…it is brighter and doesn’t break up the pattern.


CHEK.R.POINTS on ladder and portable tank holder checker plate

You’ll never get a better blocker than this!

White prismatic CHEK.R.POINTS with Department ID spelled out in Red CHEK.R.POINTS.


Rear cross-member sections between diamond checker plate

DOT red/white is for commercial trucks trailers! Use all white!


CHEK.R.POINTS on tool boxes

Costs basically nothing, but the 4 inch lip will be seen for half a mile!


CHEK.R.POINTS or chevrons inside all doors that open into traffic

If inside is in diamond checker plate?

If inside is smooth metal?


CHEK.R.POINTS on stair risers, rear bumper area and diamond checker plate below doors

Easy to do if built in diamond checker plate. Even stair risers inside the door … enhanced driver protection when the door is open! Can be done in a chevron pattern or even all white!


CHEK.R.POINTS on turret base!

This will reflect from the greatest distance because it is the highest part of the body of your apparatus.



Can be used as a base for you present crest or logo leaving an extremely powerful outline, or digitally printed over the high intensity conspicuity sheeting. Either way, these items become more than identification…they enhance driver protection.

Send us your graphic file and dimensions for an estimate.

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