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About Securitrim

   Conspicuity products leader in Canada   

We are a “small” company in appearance, but a big one in “punch and market impact”. Securitrim is a leader, and is making an impression in Canada and the United States. We are specialized in the distribution of the most powerful reflective products available, (the most “conspicuous” conspicuity tapes) principally for vehicle graphics.

Securitrim has a well establised reputation of being an efficient supplier of DOT conspicuity tape to trailer manufacturers. Securitrim is one of the few distributors affiliated with all three North American manufacturers (3M, Orafol-Reflexite and Avery Dennison), so is in the perfect position to offer the right product for the right application to meet any clients’ specific requirements.

   This is our mandate   

To supply DOT mandated reflective Conspicuity tape (3M, Avery & Reflexite) to truck, trailer, bus and emergency vehicle manufacturers. We also promote personalized corporate branding on LOGO tape to transport companies, fleets and heavy equipment OEM’s, which combines marketing with safety.

To enhance the safety of both motorists and emergency personnel by increasing the visibility EMERGENCY VEHICLES, both night and day, using micro-prismatic high intensity, conspicuity grade graphics for chevrons, lateral striping and CHEK.R.POINTS over Diamond checker plate (for RETROFIT).

And to enhance the safety of everyone during any roadside emergency intervention with custom designed HAZARD WARNING SYSTEMS specifically designed for all EMERGENCY SERVICES ON SCENE.

Here is who you may be talking to when you phone 888-666-4961

General Manager


Joined the team in 2017. Knows well the reality of the production floors of the manufacturers and their purchasing process. He is involved in sales and purchases. It also ensures that the entire team has the necessary resources to meet the needs of the clients within the agreed time frame.


Sales, Research and development


A long time pioneer in the conspicuity tape business.  Has a lot of experience in DOT products. Was involved with DOT products when the law first came out in 1993.  Incorporated Securitrim in 2002. Still involved in sales and purchasing and especially in research and development because his brain never stops working.


Administrative assistant and customer service


Works in the cockpit of the company!  She knows everything and handles everything from the coordination of orders (between clients and suppliers) and placing/receiving orders from our suppliers and most importantly tries to keep clients satisfied.  Does a great job of shipping and figuring things out so that everyone is happy.  Not that easy in the heat of the action.


Customer service


She is the co-pilot in the cockpit and keeps things flowing smoothly. Does the backup for everything that has to be done to make Securitrim works. Including accounting, placing orders, shipping and general customer service.

We all believe that Securitrim is your best source for the ultimate in enhanced driver protection through increased visibility!

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